New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community


Senan Saleh comes from a immigrant family from Yemen and became a resident in Dearborn, Michigan in 2007. 

In 2014 Senan started as a volunteer at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center in varies departments in the hospital for 5 years.

Senan Gradated from Dearborn High School class of 2015.

He attended Michael Berry Career Center and took role as President for the Health Occupation Students of America

Senan went to School of Business at Wayne County Community College completing 2 years. He also attended School of Nursing at Henry Ford College completing Care in Nursing. 

In 2016 Senan started as valet attendant at St. John Hospital & Medical Center. In mid of 2016 he started a Patient Sitter over the 4 years at St. John he took different job roles as a Patient Care Tech, Health Unit Coordinator and Emergency Room Administration at Beaumont Health System. 

Senan community involvement Started in 2017 at Access Community Services in Dearborn, Michigan. He helped Elementary and Middle School Student in the after school programs with homework and school activities at the Dearborn Public Schools.

In May 2018 Senan Founded a Non-Profit first Organization Student Career Services Foundation. DBA Student Career Services which is committed to enriching the academic, personal and professional career growth for all students.

Through Business, Healthcare and Marketing experience Senan took a huge role in leadership in our Michigan communities to inspire and motivate individuals.  Senan helped Non-Profit Organizations with sponsorship, fundraing and events planning.